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Here's a fun little craft project for those chilly winter days. A pretty combination of shiny copper, natural wood, and bold paint, these necklaces are easy to make and inexpensive. They are a favorite around here and we're planning to wear ours for New Year's Eve!



- Twine, cotton string, or any other type of thin cording (waxed cotton, hemp, leather)

- Wooden beads, assorted sizes (most craft stores carry them but we got ours here). We used 3/8" and 7/8" round beads and 7/8"x1-1/4" oval beads. 

- 1/2" copper pipe fittings

- Non-toxic craft paint

- Paintbrushes, including a small, thin paintbrush

- Scissors

- Masking tape or painter's tape

- Bamboo sticks

- Disposable cup or bowl



Paint a few of the beads. You can paint the entire bead, use a small paintbrush to create a design (I use the opposite end of a small paintbrush to make dots) or use masking tape to cover a portion of the bead and paint one side. Use as many colors as you like and have fun with it! To dry, thread the beads through a bamboo stick and place the stick horizontally over a disposable cup or bowl (this way the beads can dry on all sides).

Once dry, simply string the beads and copper fittings together to your liking and tie the ends at the desired length. Easy!

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